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Florida’s Youth are Less Likely to Smoke

Florida leads the nation for the fewest teenage smokers, a new study found.

The Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids, the American Heart Association, American Cancer Society and the American Lung Association all credit Florida for its 7.5 percent smoking rate among high school students.

With solid and consistent tobacco prevention funding since 2006, the state has been able to cut the youth tobacco rate in half since its 15.7 percent rate from 2005.

Florida’s social media outreach, media campaigns and community partnerships are an addition to national media campaigns including MTV’s recognition that Florida, “the state that brought us Hooters,” is leading the way for the rest of the United States.

But the sunshine state is not slowing down its efforts. In 2015, Florida plans to spend more than $66 million on smoking cessation programs. The state is also known for raising taxes on cigarettes by $1 and banning smoking in many public spaces.

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