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by Melissa Puppo Nov 2018 Also on Digital Edition

Palm Beach home
Parisian specialty bookstore calls Palm Beach home

If you’ve ever wanted to buy a coffee table book on the world’s best golf courses accompanied by beautiful images, or flip through pages of the most dazzling Louis Vuitton window displays, there’s a place to do both. But Assouline, a shop at The Royal Poinciana Plaza in Palm Beach, is more than just a bookstore—it’s a global luxury lifestyle brand dedicated to curating modern culture.

Early Years

The first Assouline was launched in Paris, France, in 1995 by owners Prosper and Martine Assouline. Prosper had sought more creative freedom at his former job, while Martine was caring for their son, Alexandre. With a shared love for books, the couple decided to enter the publishing industry.

“We decided to start making books like the ones we couldn’t find in the bookstores because we loved books and found that they were all very classical at that time,” Martine says. “We started creating a new generation of books with new subjects and a way to develop them. Those books were interesting, more contemporary, and we adopted a very visual way to tell a story.”

Assouline stores in Paris and across the globe offer everything a contemporary library should have: decorative books, special editions and luxury gift items.

The Coffee Table Book, ReimagINed

During a visit to Assouline, the rolling library ladder catches your attention first. Next, you’ll scan larger-than-life coffee table books, to ones that fit into tiny hands, all lined up on bookshelves set against burnt-orange walls.

Selections appeal to all interests and price points, and are bound using quality materials. For example, the Impossible Collection features exclusive books on topics like wine, fashion and art. And to display purchases, signature “A” bookstands are available for properly propping up hardbacks.

Previous publishing collaborations have included architects like Santiago Calatrava, artists such as Fernando Botero and designers including Valentino, as well as brands Cartier, Dior and Chanel. “Each book is a new adventure, a world to discover,” Martine says. Be on the lookout for Assouline’s latest collaboration with Oliver Peoples.

Aside from specialty titles, browse numerous curiosities, antiques, leather-bound accessories and handbags. There are also quirky gift ideas like the Lumio, an innovative lamp designed as a book, and decorative sheep statues for a home library.

Assouline, 340 Royal Poinciana Way, Palm Beach / 561.791.6051 /


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