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Cocktail Hour with Josh Cohen

WHO: Professional football player Fabrizio Scaccia; world-record holder of longest field-goal in football history at 68 yards and current kicker of the Jacksonville Sharks of the Arena Football League 

WHAT: Caipirinha paired with calamari pad Thai in soy-ginger mayo with toasted pea- nuts, and signature beef brisket tacos in a red chile sauce and jalapeño-corn salsa. 

WHERE: Table 26º Palm Beach | 1700 S. Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach | 561.855.2660 | Table26PalmBeach.com

1) The craziest part about my unorthodox journey into professional football: “Is the fact that I never played college football and never thought I could actually become a professional athlete. I guess I just defeated the odds somehow.” 

2) Having to pass on the scholarship offers to play college football was: “A no-brainer. It’s always FAMILY FIRST! My mother was in a bad car accident, my brother was already away at college in Missouri, and my dad was working in New York. My thought process was simple; I had to stay home and take care of her, and that I’d eventually get to go to college someday.” 

3) When I was signed by the San Francisco 49ers at the end of 2010, I: “Broke down; no shame about it. I just cried in front of everybody. The journey to that point was unimaginable. I went from kicking in front of 30 fans in Port St. Lucie to joining an NFL team in six months!”

4) What most people don’t know about NFL training camp is: “Just how non-stop and grueling it actually is. Training camp is deadly, it’s extremely hard work, and then it’s ice-tub every day, painful massage every day, lots of film every day. You’re in the door by 6:30 a.m., and out the door after 6 p.m., with mandatory curfew every night.” 

5) The truth about “icing the kicker” is that: “It doesn’t work. I’m in such a focus that it doesn’t matter. You want to give me a free practice swing? I’ll take it. We’re actually instructed to snap, hold and kick the ball if a timeout is called. It’s a benefit. I’d prefer that they try to ice me!” 

6) Something most people don’t know about kicking in the Arena Football League is that: “The uprights are only half the width as in the NFL. They are only NINE FEET APART! Oh, and that the crossbar is 15 feet high, not 10 feet! There is MUCH less room for error, but, it’s more of a challenge for me.” 

7) If Hollywood eventually decides to make a movie about my improbable journey in football, I hope that: “The message sent is to NEVER let someone tell you what you can’t do, because everything is possible if you want it badly enough, and if you work hard enough.” 

Aside from recording the longest off-the-ground field goal in football history, Fabrizio Scaccia holds the records for longest field goal in UFL history, and the third-longest field goal in the history of the Arena Football League. Currently playing for the Jacksonville Sharks of the Arena League, Scaccia also operates the All-Out Speed and Agility Training academy in St. Lucie West, where he resides  in the off-season.