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July - 2014 - Cocktail Hour with Josh Cohen


The Perfect Vodka Basil Lemon Martini

8 torn basil leaves

Five-count of Perfect Vodka

2 ounces simple syrup

2 ounces fresh lemon juice

Shake and fine strain into martini glass. Garnish with a basil leaf and lemon wedge.

WHO: Dennis Cunningham, tech entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Airtab app; CEO and chairman of Perfect Vodka

WHAT: The Perfect Vodka Basil Lemon Martini paired with pan-seared sesame-crusted tuna with mango cucumber salsa, grilled chicken stack layered with grilled zucchini and local tomatoes, and pan-roasted salmon served over sautéed spinach, seared asparagus and edamame

WHERE: Oli’s Fashion Cuisine | 215 N. Clematis St., West Palm Beach | 561.650.8595 olisfashioncuisine.com

1. The website I most wish I had developed myself is: Google. It is the center of the universe for data. Google gives you the power to monetize in any and every direction possible.

2. The celebrity I most wish I could have sent a drink in person is: Steve Jobs. Having met him back in 1984 during my very first job in Silicon Valley, I would have loved to have sent him a drink via Airtab to thank him for the motivation he gave me to start and develop tech brands like Airtab.

3. The truth about today’s world of ideas and innovation is: that execution and strategy are crucial to success now more than ever. Competition is brutal. When a college kid has the power to launch an application from their dorm room with bootstrap capital it means that you had better be on YOUR game.

4. The main takeaway from my early days as a concert promoter is: the understanding that the real deal in all of business is relationships. It’s understanding who you know and how YOU are valuable to THEM.

5. The original idea that I should have followed through on was: something I called “Silent Thunder,” a wireless chair that would integrate with movies on your TV and allow you to feel the impact of the action on-screen through vibrating sensors synced with the actual film. This was in 1986, long before the advent of home theater.

6. The main reason I took on Perfect Vodka was: that it had the trifecta of perfection: it was GMO free, gluten free and completely natural. I had originally come in to consult before realizing I just HAD to acquire this brand globally. It was my “Slumdog Millionaire” moment.

7. What most people don’t fully understand about website and app development is that: the devil is in the details. When you think you know, you don’t know. You build it and you scrap it, then you build it and you scrap it again. It requires substantial pragmatic thinking. I’ve learned, as the old saying goes, that the harder I work, the luckier I get. ...