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Meet Gabriela Dias, Model, Actress And Our October Issue Cover Star

Gabriela Dias hops from the dock at Old Port Cove Marina onto “The Maddie J,” and while her face is clear of makeup, the shoot could probably ensue without applying any—she’s naturally stunning. But it isn’t just her appearance. Dias’ personality also demands attention, which is a useful trait for the actress and model to have.

Dias began her modeling career at 12 years old after winning a beauty contest in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. “A friend from my middle school signed me up for the pageant as a surprise and I won,” Dias says. Just as she was then, the now 33-year-old is impressive at winging things—like posing on the bow of a yacht that’s been cooking in the sun all afternoon while reflectors and camera flashes target her eyeballs.

For the last look of the shoot, Dias is decorated with reds: a hugging dress, strappy heels and matching lip. She could board a jet destined for a private island, or dazzle paparazzi on her way to an awards show. But instead, once the shoot wraps, Dias changes back into her lightweight romper and heads out for a round of miniature golf with her family.

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About The Shoot

Location: Old Port Cove Marina, North Palm Beach

Photographer: Austen Amacker

Jewelry: Provident Jewelry

Fashion: Bloomingdale’s at Aventura Mall

Hair & Makeup: France Mallet


Shot On

The Maddie J 2004 Hargrave 68
Provided by Waterfront Yacht Brokerage • 561.662.9300