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4 On-Demand Service Apps That Lazy South Floridians Need

Imagine a world where you simply park your dirty car at the office, and after going about your normal day, you leave in a spotless vehicle. 

Now, it's a reality for residents of Palm Beach and Broward counties. With Washé, a Boca-based app that launched earlier this year, the car wash comes to you.

Intrigued by the concept, I decided to give it a try. 

Here's how it works: After downloading the smartphone app and setting up a profile, users can select one of four packages: Sliver washé ($20), a hand wash of the car’s exterior; Gold washé ($30), a hand wash, and a vacuum and wipe down of the vehicle’s interior; Platinum washé ($60), a hand wash and wax, and a vacuum and wipe down; or Diamond washé ($120), a hand wash, wax and clay bar, vacuum and shampoo of the carpets, and a clean and condition for the vehicle’s interior. 

I selected the Platinum package for my poor Nissan Sentra, which probably hadn’t received a wash in six months. (What’s the point when the sky does it for you in South Florida?) With a collection of valet tickets accumulating on my dashboard and half of Fort Lauderdale beach piled onto the floor mats, this was a job for someone much more skilled than myself.

When Washé arrived that morning, “Blake” gave me a call to see if I could unlock my car through my office window—ultimate laziness. I did. He let me know he would lock up once the team completed the wash/wax/wipe down.

I forgot about the whole thing until I saw my car sparkling in the parking lot that evening. I inspected it from every angle—spotless. And the interior was just as impeccable. My washers even gave me a strawberry-scented air freshener. I reopened the app, and it gave me the option to send a well-deserved tip.

Want $20 off your first Washé service? Use discount code washgulf for a free Silver wash, or use the credit toward a Gold, Platinum or Diamond package.


3 More On-Demand Apps You Can Use Around Town

Pick your least favorite chore and let one of these apps do it for you—so you can spend your free time rotting on the couch, watching this season’s “The Bachelorette.”

1. beGlammed


“Beauty is pain,” as the saying goes. But beauty is also a lot of work. Kick back and let beauty app beGlammed send a professional stylist to the location of your choice for some hair and makeup primping. Prices range based on the stylist’s experience level, so for a “pretty” team member with one to two years’ experience, a blowout costs $40, while a “glamorous” team member with nine-plus years’ experience charges $175 for the same service. BeGlammed is available to users in Fort Lauderdale, Boca and Palm Beach. 


2. Shipt


Here’s a way to stop running into people you know at the grocery store while you’re wearing your pajamas, and the solution still doesn’t involve putting on real pants. Download Shipt, a grocery delivery app that brings your milk and eggs from Publix to the front door. Prices are more expensive by an average of $5 on a $35 order using the service, but can you really put a price on an uninterrupted Sunday in bed? Shipt is available to users in cities from Miami Beach up through Vero Beach.


3. Zeel


There's no need to drive to the spa when you use Zeel. This app sends a masseuse right to your home or office building. Prices range from $99 to $139 depending on the duration of the service (plus 18 percent gratuity). A massage has never been so relaxing. Zeel is available in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach County.


(Featured image via Facebook/Washe)