Rum Runners Are Florida's Guilty Pleasure, According To This Map Of America’s Vices

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by Lyssa Goldberg Aug 28, 2015 11:03 AM

Rum runners might be Floridians' favorite indulgence.

Local search and discovery app Foursquare recently analyzed its data sets—including menus, tips and ratings—to identify the nation's top vices that were most unique to each state. The team at Mapbox then helped create an interactive map of all 50 states' most questionable favorites

According to the graphic, a vice was defined as an alcoholic drink, fattening food, dessert or other controversial preference. Vices had to be not only popular but also hyper-local (as in, mom-and-pop restaurants serve it) and "distinctive, fun, and intensely—often incomparably—satisfying."

Sounds like an accurate description of the tropical fruity cocktail to us. 

In June, the folks at Foursquare and Mapbox released a map together of America's Most Popular Tastes, which revealed that Florida really loves its conch fritters.

Rum runners

This time, the two companies took their visualization one step further and turned it into a game—a quiz that lets users guess which vices match with each state. 

In Florida, rum runner cocktails proved to be 2,339 percent more popular than in any other state. 

The rum runners at Old Key Lime House in Palm Beach County's town of Lantana and Jetty Lounge in Fort Pierce were identified among the state's best. (For what it's worth, we recommend 'em blended.)

Wondering about what people in other states can't resist?

Tennessee goes crazy for moonshine, Ohio can't get enough of its coconut cream pie, and New Jersey craves disco fries. And we don't need to tell you about Colorado's one true weakness.


Explore the map and take the quiz, below: