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Lyft debuts in West Palm Beach

Parents always said to never get into a stranger’s car. But popular ride-sharing mobile apps have since bashed those old practices.

Among those apps is Lyft, which announced Wednesday that it has expanded services to West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale, reported the South Florida Business Journal. With a click of a button, travelers can hail a car ride with a friendly, background-checked driver within minutes.

The app shows users a photo of the driver and the car that will pick them up. Users can conveniently pay via their smart phones – no cash is exchanged. And if they didn’t enjoy the ride, they can rate it so they’re never matched with that driver again.

Like its competitor Uber, Lyft is based out of the West Coast. Uber was launched in Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach in August and uses the company’s black cars and SUVs, whereas Lyft allows drivers to use their personal cars once they pass the company’s vehicle inspection.

Riders can look for Lyft’s signature trademark: a pink, fuzzy mustache attached to the front of the car.