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Lynora’s Restaurant Owners To Open West Palm Beach Market Inspired By Their Italian Grandmother

Update: Lynora's Market plans to offer five tables of seating, not two.

If you’re a fan of Lynora’s in Jupiter and downtown West Palm Beach, there’s good news. Soon, you’ll be able to get those same meatballs, pizzas and pastas to go.

Owners of the Lynora’s restaurants, the Abbenante family is aiming to open Lynora’s Market on West Palm’s Dixie Corridor in April. The shop will offer Lynora’s top-selling items, like eggplant parm and braciole, but as a grab-and-go market. 

Owners Maria and Rafael Abbenante named their eateries after Maria’s grandmother, who owned a restaurant on the Italian island of Ponza, in the Tyrrhenian Sea off the coast between Rome and Naples. 

The family’s South Florida restaurants serve recipes inspired by those that Maria Abbenante learned when she was a kid, cooking alongside her grandmother. 

Also influenced by those times, the new market that bears her grandmother’s name is meant to look like a place she would have shopped at back in Ponza. 

“It will feel like an Italian market that has been there forever,” Lynora’s representative Maureen O’Sullivan said, “but you’ll also feel like you just walked into a very new place.”

The market will have a 1950s-meets-modern feel, with white tiles and red accents highlighted by a pizza oven custom-made in Naples that’s ready to crank out Napolitano pies. At its helm will be Maria and Rafael Abbenante’s son, Angelo Abbenante, who earned the Vera Pizza Napoletana pizza-making certification.

Along with pre-made dishes and sandwiches to go, the market will also sell Italian items like canned tomatoes, dough, cheeses, sauces, and gift baskets offering a little of all of those ingredients. 

The new Lynora’s Market will offer five tables of seating, but the owners expect most guests to take those crowd favorite meatballs and house-made pastas to go. 

“It’s not a restaurant setup, but maybe you can sit down if you want to eat your sandwich in the market,” O’Sullivan said. 

Lynora’s Market; 3301 S.  Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach

(Image courtesy Lynora's)