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Meet Quasi Modo, The ‘World’s Ugliest Dog’ Who Hails From Loxahatchee, Florida

June 29, 2015 — For one Loxahatchee dog, ugly isn’t an insult—it’s her crowning glory.

Quasi Modo, a 10-year-old pit/Dutch shepherd mix with a short spine, was named the World’s Ugliest Dog in the annual contest held by the Sonoma-Marin Fair in California on Friday.

The dog competed against 26 other candidates, which were judged on their first impression, unusual attributes, natural ugliness, audience impression and personality.

“In addition to the short-spine she was born with which makes her look hunch-backed, and her awkward gate, Quasi had a great personality and the crowd loved her,” Sonoma-Marin Fair marketing director Karen Spencer said.

Many of the dogs that compete in the contest are rescues from shelters and puppy mills, and Quasi Modo is no different. She was abandoned at an animal shelter before being taken in by a vet, according to her contest biography. The pup’s unique look is the result of multiple birth defects affecting her spine. She has become an ambassador for teaching others about acceptance and tolerance, the bio explains.

Quasi Modo also competed last year and won the online popular vote, although not the contest.

As this year’s winner, Quasi Modo’s owner will receive $1,500, and the dog will go on a media tour to San Francisco and New York. So far, Quasi has appeared ABC’s “Good Morning America,” and she’s taping a segment with “Fox and Friends.” CNN is planning a city walk-around with her. Quasi Modo will also receive a makeover on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” that will air Wednesday at 11:35 p.m.

Here's a closer look at Quasi Modo: 

world's ugliest dog

For more on Quasi Modo, watch this video from ABC News: