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Movable park space in downtown West Palm

Parklets, temporary public parks, are popping up in urban areas of Palm Beach County.

Recently, a deck the size of one metered parking spot went up in front of Rocco’s Tacos in downtown West Palm Beach. The parklet, sponsored by the Downtown Development Authority, is used to demonstrate how small parks and garden spaces can be integrated into the city’s urban core.

The artists who call themselves LeJobart, husband-and-wife Beju and Sherryl, designed their $6,000 “street balcony” as a modular deck system that can be taken apart and moved. After a month in front of 224 Clematis St., the artists will move the parklet to the front of Le Rendez-vous restaurant at 221 Clematis for most of January.

The deck will migrate to 412 N. Clematis, near Centennial Square in February. The public place will serve as a sitting area and become an extension of the adjacent business’s patio during business hours.

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