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PB Catch Is Prepping A Special Lionfish Dish (And More!) For World Oceans Day

Don’t miss your chance to try the fish everyone’s talking about—and do it for a good cause. 

PB Catch Seafood & Raw Bar has teamed up with the Florida Oceanographic Society for a special menu to celebrate World Oceans Day on Wednesday, June 8. 

Focused on promoting sustainability, the Palm Beach restaurant will feature four dishes: triggerfish, red porgy, sheepshead and lionfish—a non-native species that’s invading our shores but that makes for pretty tasty ceviche. Prices are still being finalized but are expected to be in line with that of usual entree items (between $32-$42). 

Mark Perry, executive director of the Stuart-based Florida Oceanographic Society, will be on-site from 7 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. to chat with diners about marine life and the environment. For every triggerfish, red porgy and sheepshead dish sold, PB Catch will donate $5 to the nonprofit organization. For every lionfish dish sold, the center will receive $10. 

Native to the Indian Ocean and South Pacific, lionfish have invaded South Florida shores. The poisonous creatures have spiky fin rays that make them among the top predators in coral reefs, killing some “economically and ecologically important species,” according to the NOAA’s National Ocean Service. Luckily, when filleted properly, they have succulent white meat perfect for a variety of preparations. 

Much like PB Catch efforts to raise awareness about the species, Whole Foods has started selling the fish in its 26 Florida stores to help reduce the number of them found in our local shores.

For reservations at PB Catch, call 561.655.5558.

PB Catch Seafood & Raw Bar; 251 Sunrise Ave., Palm Beach 

(Image via Flickr/Florida Fish and Wildlife