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The South Florida Science Center And Aquarium Sets Plans For $2.4 Million Brain Exhibit

South Florida Science Center and Aquarium, located in West Palm Beach, is on the forefront of creating the nation’s most advanced exhibit on the human brain.

Titled “A Journey Through The Human Brain,” the $2.4 million exhibit will be 2,500 square feet and is scheduled to open to the public in early 2019.

“A Journey Through The Human Brain” will take a bottom-up approach to telling the story of the human brain, from the molecular and cellular level to the integrated circuitry responsible for humans’ hopes, fears and memories.

The exhibit will comprise of an entirely new west wing of the Science Center, encompassing four galleries. The Introductory Gallery will focus on the theme of the exhibit with a walk-through brain mist and a 3D brain projection. 

The Brain Room will show how much activity goes on in the brain every second. The Thoughts and Emotion gallery will show how much effort the brain goes through to lie. The Senses Gallery will explore sight, taste, smell, hearing and touch. The Brain Bar will play host to experts who will be able to present programs with virtual reality technologies to visualize the brain’s structure and function.

There will also be a Brain Sciences Room, which will highlight the advances neuroscientists in South Florida are making in brain development, signaling and plasticity and detecting, preventing and treating disorders of the brain like addiction, depression, autism, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke and concussion.

To find out more information, visit sfsciencecenter.org.

4801 Dreher Trail N., West Palm Beach; 561.832.1988; sfsciencecenter.org

Rendering courtesy of South Florida Science Center and Aquarium 

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