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Ten Coffee Shops In West Palm Beach For Getting Work Done

Whether you work remotely or simply prefer to check your email in a bustling, laptop-friendly public space, there are times when a clean and welcoming neighborhood café is just what the doctor ordered. 

But the constant hunt for a workable coffee shop can be tiring and time-consuming, especially in work situations when you’re running out of steam and desperately need a place to concentrate and also unwind. 

There are a lot of questions to answer before you can sit down and settle in somewhere: How’s the Wi-Fi? What’s the vibe like? Is the coffee strong and the food delicious? Would pulling out a laptop and spending a few hours parked at one table be a gross impropriety?

Freelancers, digital nomads, tech entrepreneurs, remote employees and weekend email warriors alike, fret no more—we put together a list of the 10 best cafés for working in West Palm Beach.

1. Subculture Coffee

Photo courtesy of Subculture

You can’t talk about coffee shops or cafés in West Palm Beach without mentioning Subculture, the undisputed crowd favorite and a natural place to plug in. All walks of life gather at Subculture Coffee and The Annex, its attached eatery, to meet, work, play and chat. Subculture is everything you’d want in a neighborhood coffee shop: friendly-hip vibe, a smattering of cool locals, lots of laptop space (both indoors and outdoors in the mural-covered alley) and of course, one memorable cup of coffee. With all that and the smell of carefully selected beans roasting in-house in small batches, it’s easy to stay and linger here amidst the steampunk-ish décor.

509 Clematis St., West Palm Beach; 561.318.5142; subculturecoffee.com

2. Johan’s Jӧe

Photo via Facebook/Johan’s Jӧe

I have a feeling we’re not in IKEA anymore… The fact that Swedes maintain a preeminent position in world-class design is indisputable, and the Swedish family that owns Johan’s Jӧe left no detail overlooked when creating this inviting space, which is stunning in its simple elegance. The interior contains airy vignettes with fluffy rugs and plush leather couches beneath neatly draped sheer curtains, plus high-backed purple velvet chairs fit for royalty. The menu—populated with items like Swedish pancakes, princess tortes, traditional meatballs and lingonberry jam—will undoubtedly tempt you to stay for breakfast and lunch. After all, fresh cardamom buns and floor-to-ceiling windows in a prime downtown location are the perfect accompaniment to any fika

401 S. Dixie Highway #3, West Palm Beach; 561.808.5090; johansjoe.com

3. Harold’s Coffee Lounge

Photo via Facebook/Harold’s Coffee Lounge

An art-centric coffee destination with a too-cool-for-school grunge vibe, Harold’s Coffee Lounge boasts an off-the-beaten path allure that attracts some of West Palm Beach’s most interesting characters and most successful residents. Located in the Northwood neighborhood, Harold’s Coffee Lounge offers a judgment-free zone. It’s the kind of place where it would feel completely natural to find yourself in a deep discussion about the meaning of life with strangers. Just make sure to save time for a gander at the coffee paraphernalia and local art displayed around the shop.

509 Northwood Road, West Palm Beach; 561.833.6366; haroldscoffee.com

4. The Chickpea

Photo via Facebook/The Chickpea Fresh Mediterranean

The Chickpea is one of West Palm Beach’s most popular lunch spots and the health-forward, fast-casual feel quickly puts you at ease. The Chickpea is a build-your-own bowl/pita/salad kind of place—think Chipotle, but Mediterranean cuisine. The menu consists of great brain-food like hummus, falafel, tabbouleh and tons of greens to fuel your most grueling work sessions. Instead of coffee, opt for the homemade teas and lemonades. All of that coupled with The Chickpea’s sprawling Clematis Street views make this one of the best spots downtown to spend a working lunch. 

400 Clematis St., West Palm Beach; 561.855.7028; the-chickpea.com

5. Sant Ambroeus

Photo via Facebook/Sant Ambroeus

Technically located on Palm Beach Island, Sant Ambroeus is a whimsically romantic café with Milan and Manhattan glitz. One section of the restaurant offers a seated-meal style of service, while the café-esque area at the front is a place where patrons can order at the counter and then find a snug corner for typing and chatting away. Of course, with Sant Ambroeus’s Italian roots, the coffee is great, but the hot chocolate will change your life. Don’t forget to save room for dessert because the vintage gelato cart outside will be enough to inspire you to power through even the toughest of work projects.

340 Royal Poinciana Way #304, Palm Beach; 561.285.7990; santambroeus.com/sa_palm_beach.html

6. Paneterie

Photo courtesy of Paneterie/Jordan Vilonna

Who can resist a café that will instantly transport you to the fanciful streets of Paris? This French bakery offers a mean cappuccino to pair with your freshly baked flaky croissant, in addition to a selection of light meal options like sandwiches, salads and soups. Black-and-white tiled floors complemented by bold red accents and a long display case of pastries and confections place unassuming Paneterie high on the list of best cafés for working in West Palm Beach. 

205 Clematis St., West Palm Beach; 561.223.2992; paneterie.com

7. Meraki Juice Kitchen

Photo via Facebook/Meraki Juice Kitchen

An organic vegan juice bar serving up healthy plant-based cuisine and açaí bowls, Meraki Juice Kitchen is relatively new on the West Palm Beach scene, so it still boasts that under-the-radar attractiveness that many find so alluring. The café has limited seating inside but it stays relatively quiet and uncrowded, except for a lunchtime rush of health-conscious locals in search of fresh-pressed juice and superfood fuel. For a refreshing visit with a healthy dose of vitamin D, choose a seat on the patio and order a smoothie and a healthy toast.

328 Fern St., West Palm Beach; 561.508.6640; merakijuicekitchen.com

8. Te Mana Kava Bar

Photo via Facebook/Te Mana

A kava bar is a great place to wind down at the end of the workday with a chill-inducing coconut shell full of brewed kava-kava root, in lieu of another dose of caffeine. The owner was inspired to open Te Mana Kava Bar after a trip to the South Pacific, where he had the chance to try the ceremonial tongue-numbing drink as a personal gift from a tribal chief. Kava is the ultimate way to relax, and the laid-back, anything-goes vibe at Te Mana Kava Bar allows easy conversation to flow as your work projects draw to a close. 

521 Clematis St., West Palm Beach; 561.835.3921; temanakava.com

9. The Blind Monk

Photo via Facebook/The Blind Monk

For the introverts among us, this polished, quiet and classy little restaurant, located just a couple blocks off the main Clematis Street drag, is the ideal place to work and study. Referred to as The AM Shift by day and The Blind Monk by night, this tucked-away spot is a refined café-goer’s paradise, offering unique menu items like shakshouka, warm red quinoa and avocado toast to complement the tall glasses of fresh-squeezed orange juice or cold-brewed coffee. For the latter half of the day, The Blind Monk’s extensive wine list makes it a great place for weekday happy hours and after-work meet-ups.

410 Evernia St. #107, West Palm Beach; 561.833.3605; theblindmonk.com

10. C Street Café 

Photo via Facebook/C Street Café

C Street Café is one of those perfectly reliable and freelancer-friendly places to work, earning it an easy spot among the best cafés for working in West Palm Beach. It’s a favorite among young, local professionals for its strong Wi-Fi, extensive breakfast, lunch and tapas menu and supremely cozy setting. The large space contains plenty of couches and tables, and the vibe transforms throughout the day from morning-time coffee shop, to hopping lunch spot to easygoing gathering place for beer, wine and live music.  

319 Clematis St., West Palm Beach; 561.469.9959; cstreetcafe.com