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Publisher's Letter: Celebrate Love

This Valentine’s Day will be my 29th with my sweetheart Larry, which means next year, we will have been together for 30 years. That’s quite a milestone and quite a feat (and makes me suddenly feel quite old!), but this Valentine’s Day will mean something entirely different. This will be the day our 16-year-old gets his driver’s license (scared-face emoji!). He got his learner’s permit Feb. 14 last year and won’t be waiting a day past Feb. 14 this year to obtain his official license to drive. So while others are out having romantic dinners, we’ll be counting the minutes until our teenager, with his newfound freedom, gets safely home. This February issue is the perfect time to celebrate love and the covenant of marriage and the joy that comes from finding your life partner and marrying your best friend. I look back on our wedding day, years ago, and still recall with fondness all the little details that made it so personal and special to us (as well as the little mishaps, like the female DJ announcing us as “Mr. and Mrs. Donna Lewis”). My husband still swears I put her up to it. In “Sweet Nuptials” on page 82, we bring you four local couples who recently tied the knot and describe the details of their special occasion, from the proposal to the most memorable moment of their wedding day, that they too will remember for the rest of their lives. South Florida has no shortage of single, successful and suitable bachelors and bachelorettes, and we feature six of them in “Best Catches” on page 52, where they discuss their ideal mate, weekend plans, favorite cocktail, restaurant and spontaneous adventure. How are they still single? I have no idea!

Donna Lewis and Larry
Publisher Donna Lewis and her sweetheart, Larry.

A love of the ocean inspired the Intracoastal update by interior designer Gil Walsh, who mixed in some of the owners’ existing furnishings and art with fresh new design to create a  modern nautical motif, but this is no boring beach house. Gil Walsh loves color and uses bursts of blue and orange liberally to personalize the space and create a comfortable, timeless sanctuary the owner treasures—see “All in the Details” on page 72.

A real-life treasure hunt for millions of dollars in gold coins off the coast of South Carolina has a South Florida twist and turns the hunter into the prey, and a modern-day pirate into a prisoner. In “The Modern-Day Missing Treasure,” follow the tale of hunter Tommy Thompson, who still sits in jail for refusing to release the whereabouts of the gold.

Whatever it is you treasure, show some love this February and beyond!