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Publisher's Letter: Summer's Story

Eight years ago, my family bought a lake house in North Carolina on a beautiful freshwater lake east of Asheville, with the intention of making great summer memories and escaping the South Florida heat. This year marks our ninth summer at the lake, and the last year our son will technically be a child (he turns 18 next summer; how is that possible?!).

Each summer, we invite family and friends, and each summer we challenge ourselves to do something new. Three summers ago, at the young age of 48, I taught myself and our son, his friend and another 50ish friend of mine how to wakeboard with YouTube videos. Wakeboarding 101 served us well, as my son now loves to wakeboard every summer, and it’s a skill he’ll keep with him for the rest of his life. He’ll also keep with him the sights, smells, sounds (his voice echoing over the water as he flirts with the girls of summer), tastes (homemade peach ice cream) and nostalgic feelings of spending his childhood summers at the lake, and hopefully one day he’ll bring his own children to the lake and we’ll make indelible memories with them.

Every summer has its story. I remember saying in the beginning of our lake summers, how this summer couldn’t possibly be topped, but inevitably next summer was different, new, unique and somehow better than the last. As summer approaches, many South Floridians head to cooler climates. One refuge, popular with New Yorkers looking to escape the city life, is the Hamptons. With our Guide to the Hamptons on page 97, we break down each of the unique villages that comprise the island, with their distinct personalities, so you can choose what suits your personality and fit right in.

If you’re dreaming of something more European, and/or more permanent, then for the price of an entry-level house in Florida, you can buy a mansion in the Tuscan countryside and live out your “Under the Tuscan Sun” fantasy. If romantic Italian villages and charming streets beckon you, look to our home buying guide in Tuscany, where your dream of making homemade pasta, tagliata and panna cotta can become a reality. A little closer to home, we provide a tour of interior designer Diane Parisian’s passion project in Old Palm Golf Club. Going for a modern-yet-classic look, she achieved a perfect timeless retreat.

Regardless of where this summer takes you, we hope you will take us along for the journey, as we share our stories with you and make you part of our family. We’ll see you back in September to kick off the fall and our new season. We have an amazing editorial lineup planned for you, and just like summers, each year is somehow better than the last.