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8 home pieces that never go out of style

Trends are more seasonal and less of the decades in the 21st century, and who can keep pace with what’s “in” or “out-of-date”? South Florida-based interior designer Kari Roundy, owner of Atmospheres, shares her 8 timeless trends for every home that are always en vogue.

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1. One or a Pair of French Bergère Armchairs

France is home to many designers and styles that have stood the test of time, and that’s not excluding the classic Bergères. They came to fashion in the Louis XV period in France, a distinctive period in furniture history of luxury and extravagance.

“There are a lot of knockoffs these days, as well,” Roundy says. “You can find them on One Kings Lane or at thrift and consignment shops ready to be upholstered.”

Originally designed for palaces, the Louis XV armchair was once carved walnut and upholstered brocatel – a thick fabric with woven patterns. This piece is designed with structured armrests, raised cushions and ornate, wooden frames.

These chairs are typically priced from $600 to over $1,000 and can be used as a side chair in the living room or an accent piece in the bedroom. (image via)

2. Faux Zebra Rugs

We’re not talking to the animal-print obsessed and safari chic dwellers. Zebra rugs can work with a mix of styles and can add refinement to any space. Whether a classic zebra shape or a rectangular 5-by-7 foot rug, the pattern is obvious, and the color palette is neutral – black, white and occasionally taupe.

“It is kind of a wow factor and daring,” Roundy says.

This accent can be laid over a naked floor, such as hardwood floors, or on top of carpet, such as sea grass.

“In South Florida, putting zebra rugs in coastal, contemporary condos on top of stone or sisal adds a touch of pattern and high style,” she says.

Faux zebra rugs can usually be purchased from $200 to $900. (image via)

3. Murano Glass Chandelier

The rules for chandeliers are that there are no rules. This decorative piece can be hung in any room of your choosing, just so long as there is space for it.

Created in 18th century Venice on the island of Murano, these chandeliers were created with Venetian hand-blown glass, wrought iron and Bohemian crystals.

“I put the chandelier in a client’s master bath area above the bathtub,” Roundy says. She adds that it’s a natural look and works in any traditional or contemporary setting.

Once an accent to European theaters and palaces, today these pieces are produced in both modern and classic styles and range in colors for any space. Prices for Murano glass chandeliers range from $400 to $2,000. (image via)

4. Louis Ghost Armchairs by Philippe Starck

This transparent design has become a classic staple throughout Europe and the U.S. Walk into a designer’s home, and you’re likely to find this piece either in the home office, around the kitchen table or as in accent in the living room.

“I’ve convinced just about every client to use them in their houses,” Roundy says.

She says they’re easily stackable, which is great if you’re often throwing dinner parties. These ghost chairs are also weather resistant, and Roundy won’t hesitate to suggest them for patio furniture.

Its Louis XV frame and minimalistic style have given this chair a seat in the future. The Louis Ghost by Starck is usually priced around $450. (image via)

5. Eames Management Chairs

Created with the intent for the outdoors in 1958, Herman Miller’s Eames management chairs have propelled to tables at some of the most luxurious offices in the U.S.

Roundy says she has used this chair in many of her clients’ home offices. “I just ordered a purple one for a woman’s home office we purchased at the West Palm Beach Design Within Reach,” she says.

The company’s distinctive and simplistic design makes it a go-to for office executives and anyone with a home work space. Herman Miller offers a variety of colors and styles, including a padded or mesh seat. The chairs are priced at around $1,500. (image via)

6. Venetian-style Mirrors

Inspired by the romantic architecture of Venice, these mirrors have long lines and sweeping arches with ornate designs, such as rosettes, along the perimeter.

“They’re great to use in a powder room or bedroom,” Roundy says. “I think it’s interesting to put two rectangular ones at each bedside nightstand.”

They come in a variety of styles, including: oval, rectangular, circular and even octagonal. Occasionally, these mirrors have gold leaf detail, but are almost always styled with engraved carvings along the edges.

“They mix well with contemporary tables and are perfect in modern and traditional settings,” Roundy says. She adds that she often finds them in antique shops on Palm Beach and the West Palm Beach Antique Row.

Venetian mirrors are usually priced from $700 to $1,000. (image via)

7. Oriental Rugs in a Modern Setting

Some may consider oriental rugs dated, but many designers will style contemporary spaces with antiques, such as oriental rugs.

To add texture to a space, designers like Roundy often overlap two oriental rugs and create a patchwork effect. Roundy says she likes to top a smaller oriental over a large 15-square foot, or so, sisal.

These rugs work with almost every style since the palette is usually muted and the detail intricate.

“Worn areas and pulls are all the better to make it more soulful,” she says, “Perfection is not necessary.”

Finding an antique oriental can be challenging – so rather than shop online, head to your local antique shop for the best quality and price. (image via)

8. The Parsons Table

There was a time when only architects and decorators could get their hands on this French table. Cabinetmakers would receive custom requests for Jean-Michel Frank’s Parsons table look-a-likes in the 1930s.

“To me it’s a great writing desk, console table behind a sofa, breakfast room addition and foyer piece,” Roundy says. “I put them in a lot in the guest rooms as a combined makeup desk-writing table piece.”

Originally called the T-square table, the purpose behind the creation was basic design and integrity in the materials used.

Parsons tables are usually sold from $500 to over $1,000. (image via)